2 player duel for lighting fast fingers




Grab a friend to play this out of the world math game! Compete head to head across 7 mini games to see who can be the Cosmic Reactor Champion! Be the best by showing off how quick you can be at math!

Received Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review, Nominated for iKids Award 2014.

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A fast paced spelling game for up to 4 players




Sushi Scramble is the fast paced 4 player spelling game coming soon for the iPad. Work as a team of up to 4 players to make your busy sushi restaurant a success!Check out Sushi Scramble reviews at Best apps for kids, Educational apps store, the iPhone mom.

Received Family Choice Award 2014 and Kids@Interactive Award 2014 Nomination.

A storybook teaching renewable energies




Not Lost in the Universe: Energize! is a storybook combined with mini-games to help teach children all about solar, wind, water, heat energies. Crash-landing on Planet Blarp when their spaceship runs out of power, Kip, Bella and their pet alien Borko set out to find a source of energy suitable for their spaceship. Will you be able to help get our adventurers back home?Check out Not Lost in the Universe reviews at Geeks with Juniors.

Fast pace language game




Grab a friend and learn over 100 words in French! Quick Tap is a high-speed game where two players race head to head – on the same iPad – to match French words with their English translations. As each word appears on screen the player that is quicker to hit the match button wins the round. First player to win 7 rounds becomes the Quick Tap champ!

Available in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese!

The 2 Player Math Puzzler




A sum-balancing game for kids aged 5 and up! Ideal for playing with friends or in one-to-one lessons in the classroom, Equator will promote everything from basic arithmetic to advanced concepts such as order of operations, and encourages serious collaboration through matching up numbers!

“With cute graphics, and cute little woodland creatures helping you out, it’s a delight to view the game.”

Tabitha W., GGS Gamer

The 4 Player Party Game




Smash Party is a set of 4 mini-games for 4 players. Teaching rhyming words, spelling, number patterns and sums: this app is perfect for the collaborative classroom or family fun at home! Available in both Car (5-6 years) and Mole (6-7 years) editions.

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Social attention skills for children with autism




FindMe is an app designed to help young children with autism practice simple social skills. It is suitable for play by children with an ability level equivalent to 18 months or over, and doesn’t require any language or reading.