Pointing, Picnic Time, Who Knows What and FindMe2 are 4 new games helping children with autism to practise different social skills.


FindMe2 Arrives!

The hugely popular Find Me iPad app (with over 25000 downloads), designed at the University of Edinburgh for children with autism, has gotten a big revamp!

In this new version, there are new characters and new scenes including bedroom and kitchen scenes.

Picnic Time
Listening and recognising that others want or need different things to ourselves is a key social skill.

In our new game, Picnic Time, children can practise this skill in a fun picnic setting. The player is told what person on the screen likes, and they have to remember and pick the correct food for them.

Reading body language and eye contact

A key skill associated with learning language is to relate objects with words (or labels). However, this requires children to be able to read body language of other people.

In Pointing, children have to notice where the person is pointing to, and later on, where that person is looking at. From a selection of 2, then 6 objects on the screen, the child can practise the skill of reading body language and eye contact.

Who Knows What?
Children with autism often struggle in understanding the mental states (thoughts, feelings, desires) of others. One complex kind of mental state is the state of ‘knowing’ something. There is substantial evidence that children with autism do not easily grasp that only specific kinds of contact lead to knowledge – i.e. touching a container does not mean someone knows what is in the container.

In Who Knows What, children have to practise that seeing leads to knowledge, but other senses do not provide the same kind of knowledge.


A new version of FindMe which should fix a major crash is now available on the apps store. This fixes a issue where the app needed to have internet access on startup, and this is now fixed.


UPDATE – New version now available on apps store which includes fix.

Yesterday, we released an update to findme which crashes on startup for some combinations of devices. We’re currently in the middle of patching it and in the meanwhile, reverting back to our old version. Please be patient.

smart table

We’re delighted to announce the first of our games are now available for SMART Tables! Smash Party, our 4 player collaborative game teaching math and spelling, is on sale at SMART Exchange.

While Smash Party is the first of our apps to be converted; Cosmic Reactor, Sushi Scramble and Equator are all due to be released in the next few months. We will post links to them as they get released.

SMART Technologies has been a long-term collaborator and supporters of Tigerface Games. With their new table – model 442i, which is bigger and uses flatscreen technology, and is in use in many schools- it’s a perfect platform to play our multiplayer games on.


Sylvan Learning, a major tutoring company in the U.S., announces Sushi Scramble, Equator and Not Lost in the Universe as part of the first 8 games on their new mobile games platform, Sylvan Play!

“Sylvan Learning is focused on providing a personal learning experience using the latest technology to engage and connect with kids,” says Julia Fitzgerald, Chief Marketing Officer at Sylvan Learning. “We developed SylvanPlay as a way to extend the learning that happens in our centers and provide parents and kids with Sylvan-approved games they know will be fun, educational, and grade-appropriate. With SylvanPlay, parents can be confident that their kids are turning game time into brain-building time.”

The SylvanPlay network will continue to expand on an on-going basis and the content range will soon be available for kids up to 6th grade. Additional edutainment apps and subjects will inspire more kids to play anywhere and learn everywhere in new and engaging ways.

SylvanPlay is available for both iOS and Android operating systems and offers an assortment of free and paid content ranging from $.99 to $4.99 To download to any mobile device, parents can type in “SylvanPlay” or any of the app titles into the search function of either the Apple App store or Android’s GooglePlay store to locate the educational mobile games network. All apps within the SylvanPlay network are free for current Sylvan Learning customers.

“As kids became more comfortable working with technology, Sylvan has moved its curriculum to iPads® with the SylvanSync platform,” continues Fitzgerald. “Sylvan continues to follow what families are doing and adapting the curriculum to the devices they prefer. Why make parents say “no” to apps and games if we can turn them into educational tools that help their child succeed?”


We’re delighted to get three nominations in this year’s International Mobile Gaming Awards!

Most impressively, Tigerface received 2 out of the 5 nominations in the Best Serious Games category for Sushi Scramble and Cosmic Reactor.

The awards are recognition for some of the best mobile games in this fiercely competitive market.

The winners will be announced at the IMGA ceremony on 20th March 2014, during the same week as Games Developer Conference at San Francisco.

Parents - Sushi Scramble 03-2014

Hot on the heels of Sushi Scramble’s win at the Family Choice awards 2014, it has now been featured in March’s edition of Parents Magazine.

Grab your copy at the apps store!


The Family Choice Awards 2014 winners have been announced and we’re incredibly pleased that Sushi Scramble has been awarded in the Best Apps and Technology category!

The awards are part of Family Magazines’ mission to “seek out and discover those elements that enhance a family’s lifestyle and create memorable experiences“. A mission that we share at Tigerface Games.

Not only are apps covered, but a diverse selection of products that cover all aspects of family life including books, houseware and apparel are included.

Grab your copy of Sushi Scramble on iOS:

or on android:


You asked and we listened!

We’re proud to announce that our flagship games Cosmic Reactor, Equator and Sushi Scramble are now available on android platforms!

Grab them from Google Play:

  • Sushi Scramble (Language)  
    Up to four players work together to collect letters from circling sushi boats and build words to serve up to the hungry customers, while honing their phonics and spelling skills.  (Ages 7-11)
  • Equator Premium (Math)
    In this multiplayer, collaborative math game, kids solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to balance the equator.  As the seasons progress, the math puzzles become more challenging. (Ages 6-9)
  • Cosmic Reactor (Math)
    In this head-to-head game, two players compete in seven out-of-this-world math mini-games to become the Cosmic Reactor Champion. Players can customize their levels of difficulty and choose to face off using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.  (Ages 5-11)
  • Quick Tap FrenchSpanishGermanPortuguese (Language)
    Quick Tap is a high-speed, head-to-head race where players race to match a foreign word to their English counterpart.  Kids square off and learn more than 100 words that range from numbers and colors, to food and animals. There are a total of four Quick Tap language titles. (Ages: 5-11)


Screenshot 2014-01-13 00.14.04

We’re delighted to announce that Tigerface’s academic partners for the FindMe game has been shortlisted for Best New Technological Innovation in the Autism Professional Awards 2014.

The team, which is based at Edinburgh University’s School of Education, is headed up by Sue Fletcher-Watson and called DART (Development / Autism / Research / Technology).

Along with Sue, Tigerface Games is currently building 2 more apps for children with autism to be released later this year.

The awards ceremony is being held at Harrogate on 4th March. We all have our fingers crossed, especially after Cosmic Reactor was nominated for the iKids Awards 2014 as well.