About Tigerface Games

Tigerface Games specialises in tablet-based games that support collaborative learning and foster problem solving skills for home and the classroom. Our games use the multitouch interface to enable 2 children to talk and work together to solve a puzzle using the same device. We develop for iOS, Android and SMART Table platforms.

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Tigerface Logos and Photos

Tigerface Logo on blue background – Small (300×300), Medium (640×640), Large (902×723)
Tigerface Logo on Transparent background – Small (300×300), Medium (640×640), Large (902×723)

Team Photos (on Flickr)


Equator – Screenshots (zip) and Trailer
Smash Party – Screenshots (zip) and Trailer
Cosmic Reactor
Sushi Scramble
Quick Tap French
Quick Tap German
Quick Tap Spanish