Missing Numbers Makes Mincemeat of Maths and Logic!


Last week, we introduced you to Smash Party‘s classic number-crunching game mode, Smash Sums. Today we introduce game number two: Missing Numbers! Rather than challenge players to defeat arithmetic challenges, Missing Numbers pitches four children against number patterns. And it’s ace.

Missing Numbers may well be chock-a-block with digits of all shapes and sizes, but it doesn’t care for adding them together and whatnot. Missing Numbers is all about number patterns and how to identify and beat them – as each conundrum has a missing number to calculate! (See? Clever name.)

As is the tradition in Smash Party, every player will have a stack of answers to choose from – and everybody will get their turn at having the right answer, and working out that they have it! Some individual and group thinking is the order of the day, with the reward being the power of knowledge. The knowledge that you’ve got number patterns worked out down to a tee.

Missing Numbers caters for kids of all primary school ages – that’s 5 all the way up to 12 – by changing the complexity of each pattern’s number range and type of pattern across four difficulty modes. And it’s all inside one lovely, fantabulous and super-squishy* collaborative learning app, for four players at once, on a single tablet device. Smashing!

Smash Party will be released at a revised date of late August (exact date to be confirmed) on iPad and Android.

*App may not be super squishy

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